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The First Sustainable Travel Summit Is Here!

The First Sustainable Travel Summit Is Here!

We had a fun time preparing our interview with Clare from Immersion Travel Mag a few weeks ago while we were in Montreal.  We had a chat about the most interesting subject of all time (we’re travel junkies, remember?) : Sustainable travel. 
Now what is sustainable travel and why does it matter so much ? Ever wondered how to prepare for a life-changing, eco-friendly trip ?
Well, you’ll have to attend the Sustainable Travel Summit from June 1-4 to find out (100% online and 100% free!). 
We all felt like ditching the tourist trail at some point, to keep things more authentic, right?  
Well, this is the perfect opportunity to know more about how you can do just that on your next adventure.

Here’s what waiting for you this week :

June 1st : Sustainable travel & why it matters

June 2nd : Preparing for sustainable destinations (Stay tuned to watch our Interview!)

June 3rd : Ditching the tourist trail

June 4th : Keeping things authentic

This event, supported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, will feature the most beautiful, purpose-driven people involved in making traveling a more fun, meaningful and green adventure for everyone. 

Think organizations like Crooked Trails, which is helping people better understand the impact of travel on the world’s cultures and ecosystems through education and sustainable travel programs supporting indigenous communities around the world. 

Also, you will love hearing from the awesome team behind!  These guys make socially conscious travel easy, fun and accessible to millions of travelers worldwide.  They partner with and support local non-profits and other impactful organizations to feature the best immersive travel activities out there.  Through them, you can book half or multi-day trips or have a off-the-beaten path adventure you (and your wallet!) can feel good about, as tour revenue is 100% invested back into the local community.  How cool is that. 

The people from Grayl, who brought us this amazing Purifier water bottle that we love so much, are sponsoring the whole event! 

Grayl Purifier water bottle


And of course, Nomad Traveler will be present at the party! We’ll talk about what you should put in your “Ethical suitcase”, aka how to pack sustainably! Discover the vast and dynamic world of ethical travel gear with us. Learn how easy it is to pack an ethical and responsible suitcase. From leggings made of recycled water bottles to versatile backpacks to water filters that clean out 99.99% of the nasties, we’ll be presenting easy solutions for every packing problem.  So if you’re into sustainable travel as much as we are, come hang out with us and get involved with the sustainable travel tribe! #ITMSUMMIT17


Ecofriendly backpack

Featuring the animal friendly KK Ridgeview daypack that empowers women artisans in Peru.

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