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The First Sustainable Travel Summit is here!

The First Sustainable Travel Summit is here! 0

We had a fun time preparing our interview with Clare from Immersion Travel Mag a few weeks ago while we were in Montreal.  We had a chat about the most interesting subject of all time (we’re travel junkies, remember?) : Sustainable travel. 
Now what is sustainable travel and why does it matter so much ? Ever wondered how to prepare for a life-changing, eco-friendly trip ?
Well, you’ll have to attend the Sustainable Travel Summit from June 1-4 to find out (100% online and 100% free!). 
We all felt like ditching the tourist trail at some point, to keep things more authentic, right?  
Well, this is the perfect opportunity to know more about how you can do just that on your next adventure.

Here’s what waiting for you this week :

June 1st : Sustainable travel & why it matters

June 2nd : Preparing for sustainable destinations (Stay tuned to watch our Interview!)

June 3rd : Ditching the tourist trail

June 4th : Keeping things authentic

This event, supported by the United Nations World Tourism Organization, will feature the most beautiful, purpose-driven people involved in making traveling a more fun, meaningful and green adventure for everyone. 

Think organizations like Crooked Trails, which is helping people better understand the impact of travel on the world’s cultures and ecosystems through education and sustainable travel programs supporting indigenous communities around the world. 

Also, you will love hearing from the awesome team behind!  These guys make socially conscious travel easy, fun and accessible to millions of travelers worldwide.  They partner with and support local non-profits and other impactful organizations to feature the best immersive travel activities out there.  Through them, you can book half or multi-day trips or have a off-the-beaten path adventure you (and your wallet!) can feel good about, as tour revenue is 100% invested back into the local community.  How cool is that. 

The people from Grayl, who brought us this amazing Purifier water bottle that we love so much, are sponsoring the whole event! 

Grayl Purifier water bottle


And of course, Nomad Traveler will be present at the party! We’ll talk about what you should put in your “Ethical suitcase”, aka how to pack sustainably! Discover the vast and dynamic world of ethical travel gear with us. Learn how easy it is to pack an ethical and responsible suitcase. From leggings made of recycled water bottles to versatile backpacks to water filters that clean out 99.99% of the nasties, we’ll be presenting easy solutions for every packing problem.  So if you’re into sustainable travel as much as we are, come hang out with us and get involved with the sustainable travel tribe! #ITMSUMMIT17


Ecofriendly backpack

Featuring the animal friendly KK Ridgeview daypack that empowers women artisans in Peru.

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The Nomad Traveler Challenge : Grow your online business on the road as a digital nomad.

The Nomad Traveler Challenge : Grow your online business on the road as a digital nomad. 1

This month, we’re doing things a little differently at Nomad Traveler.  Summer is almost here in Canada, the road is calling.  It’s highly time for a girls road trip!  As you may know, Canada was named the best travel destination in 2017 by Lonely Planet.  You see, Canada is turning 150 years old ; it's going to be the biggest birthday party ever all over the country.  All national parks entry fees across the country are being waived, meaning you can visit some of the most pristine places on earth and expect your money to stretch further.  So now is the perfect time to start planning a roadtrip of a lifetime!
This is not our first road trip but, this time, we decided to get a little creative here.  Obviously, we’re all about freedom and sustainable travel, but me and Julie-Ann, as founders of the Nomad Traveler project, are also running an online business ; meaning that we have to deal with the day-to-day operations.  We’re also passionate digital nomads, meaning that we NEED to do things differently, we NEED to cross borders, to push our limits, to get out of our comfort zone, in order to grow as entrepreneurs and individuals.  So we decided to use our roadtrip as an opportunity to challenge ourselves and our business.  And that’s how The Nomad Traveler Challenge was born.

What is The Nomad Traveler Challenge about?

Like any small business owner and digital nomads, we need goals to keep us moving forward, get motivated to do more and grow the business.  We’re clear on the long-term goals, but we needed to devise a short-term plan that would really boost us out of a somewhat complacent state.  Starting a business with a small team is overwhelming, there’s always lots of trial, errors, dead ends ; and a never-ending stream of new things to learn.  

Sometimes, you do feel stuck and run out of creative juice. You find yourself needing input.  

Well, one thing is for sure, is that traveling can open the mind to new ways of thinking and can provide much needed insights.  Being exposed to new environments and ever-changing experiences definitely makes you more creative altogether.  Getting inspired is not only beneficial to ideation, but also to problem-solving. New sounds, smells, language, tastes, sensations, and sights spark different synapses in the brain and may have the potential to revitalize the mind.
New ways of seeing problems = new ways to find solutions to those exact problems.
We believe by setting ourselves with goals, it is possible to make progress on even the roughest road and in the face of the most incredible difficulties.  Plus, it’s nice to have a variety of goals to keep a work/play balance.  Specifically, we decided that the Nomad Traveler Challenge would touch five areas :
  1. Business goals – Conquer digital advertising!

One of the most important lesson we learned in the process of starting this online project, is that your ideas worth little if you don’t know how to sell and advertise them.  Digital advertising is our main challenge, much like 99% of other online businesses.  So we decided that our business goals would mainly revolve around conquering the world of digital advertising.
  •       Create life-changing content (video, photo, blog, newsletters)
  •       Perfect SEO skills
  •       Leverage collaborative partnerships
  •       Grow email list like a boss
  •       Leverage the power of social media 
  1. Personal goals

It’s easy to feel paralyzed when it comes to selling your ideas, products and projects.  The fear of rejection and failure is often so high.  But developing skills such as assertiveness and self-confidence can allow you not only to ask for what you want, but also help you to be of better service to others.  You see, fear robs any entrepreneurs from accomplishing their goals.  More importantly, it’s also robbing potential customers, partners, etc. of the same thing!  So we decided to go through a little routine for the next 30 days to develop those skills and get rid of old fears.  Cause why delay in building confidence that will positively impact not only the growth of our business, but more importantly, our personal life overall.
Actions :
  • Practice affirmations and reaffirm goals everyday.
  1.  Health and energy 
Being in good mental and physical conditions is so central to success.  I cannot emphasize that enough.  Nothing is more important than your health, as you need your full energy to accomplish your goals.  Without energy, nothing gets done.  As entrepreneurs and digital nomads, our head often feels overloaded. So our Health and Energy goals will be focused on the following :
  •        Do daily workout routine (45 min/day).
  •        Eat only vegan meals for 30 days
  •        Meditate for a total of 300 minutes in 30 days.
Actions :
  • Plan and execute workout & meals 
  • Meditate 10 minutes everyday
Nomad Traveler Legging
  1.  Relationships – Becoming better business partners
Here, we wish to improve our teamwork productivity.  This will be measured by the number of tasks we get done in a set timeframe.  To do so, we set up a daily itinerary and to-do list that need to be followed by both of us.
Actions :
  •        Completion of to-do lists
  •        Better division of responsibilities
  •        continuous learning based on interests and passion.
  1.  Financial
This last area concentrate on finances, obviously.  We needed to figure out how we are going to get from where the business currently is to where we want it to go financially.  We also wanted to do this trip on a budget, to show that this lifestyle is accessible and sustainable in the long run.  Oh, and just to spice things up, we came across a little financial opportunity: the Arbing blog is awarding 12 entrepreneurship grants of 1000$ each to help business owners launch their dream.  So we decided that we would win this thing, nothing less.
  •        Keep trip expenses under 1.2k$
  •        Win entrepreneurship grant
  •        Generate X$ of sales
  • Create and fill out daily tab of expenses.
  • Create killer pitch video.
  • Create and solidify sales funnels.
So each day for 30 days, we’ll take concrete actions to reach these goals.  Those actions will also include :
  •        Take some drone shots
  •        Vlogging
  •        Listening to audiobooks (self-development & continuous learning)
  •        Build new partnerships
  •        Securing affiliate partnerships
  •        Write blog posts
  •        Edit photo and video content
  •        Social media management
  •        Publishing our product catalog
  •        Etc.
And we’ll be documenting all of it by filming, taking photos, writing blog posts, posting on social media, etc.  So that you guys can held us accountable.  That’s right.  We want to have your feedback, we’d like you to push us to go even further.  If you have ideas that you’d like to see us try, feel free to share them with us!  We’ll do our best to make it happen.
Happy travels!
Nomad Traveler
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International Women's Day : She belonged to no man and no city

International Women's Day : She belonged to no man and no city 0

Being a female traveler today is experiencing a large amount of harassment and abuse while travelling alone, but also being told that we are to blame, because travelling alone is a risky, frivolous pursuit for women.  This is International Women’s Day and it’s time to #BeBoldForChange.  Traveling as a feminist is becoming a necessity, because women travelers around the world are tired of sexism and micro-agressions. These comes in many forms.

This day is dedicated to all the women who :

  • Had to endure 8 hours flights when the male passenger sitting next to you just brushed your leg for the fourth time in five minutes in a forced conversation you had no desire to participate in and all you wanted was out.
  • Can’t handle men shouting at them to cover up, and following them, and saying things to them, and staring at them like a piece of meat.
  • Put up with creepy sex tourists.
  • Ignored an offensive comment to avoid angering a man or endangering yourself.
  • Really wanted to take that trip alone without the fear of being punished for it.
  • Laughed off an inappropriate come-on at the hostel bar.
  • Faced judgment and criticism from people in their life who thought they should settle down and have children.
  • Swallowed their anger when being belittled, condescended to or completely ignored by the locals.
  • Have been slut-shamed for having sex with a pure stranger in a foreign country.

    International Women’s Day is important because :

    • British Airways staff are no longer able to wear trousers unless part of the long-haul only team.
    • The concept of a lone female rural backpacker is incomprehensible to some.
    • Trip Advisor decided that sexism is an irrelevant travel complaint
    • Many people question how ‘safe’ it is for women to travel alone.
    • A collective of sexist media outlet thinks women are irresistible objects for their pleasure.
    • A woman being detained and and called a sex worker at the Border for carrying condoms is still a thing.
    • The culturally acceptable term for solo male traveler is “adventurer.” No one calls him a “solo male traveler”.
    • Some travel sites still seem hold an idea that all female travelers want luxurious hotel resorts complete with swimming pools, and to pay for travel guides rather than find their own way around with a map.

    We are celebrating women who are building better futures for themselves by changing how travel affects our world. We are honoring women who :

    She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and no city. – Roman Payne.



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    Travel with a conscience ? How to find your purpose on the road.

    Travel with a conscience ? How to find your purpose on the road. 0

    And my gut whispered one deeper question that roaming around could never answer for me : now that you know everything is possible, what kind of life will you CHOOSE for yourself ? What if finding your purpose could take you somewhere you’ve never been before? 
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    Why choose to live your own way and travel the world

    Why choose to live your own way and travel the world 0

    As I grew up in this weird and stressful society, I often asked myself: why do people accept to live this way? I wonder if they even know that there are a million other possibilities in life. We are so used to do the same things over and over and over again… We begin to feel so comfortable in our life that the simple idea of leaving our habits is so freaking scary. But you know what? Just try. Try it once and you will see.

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    What counts ?

    What counts ? 0

    I quit my job that I loved, I left my apartment, my friends, my family, I left everything, for what? The instant I left I began analyzing this question.  I knew I didn't start traveling to "find myself"...

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