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What counts ?

What counts ?

When you travel you learn a lot of things, the list is truly endless. And that's one thing that has always appealed to me about traveling, you learn. 

But before I continue, it's important to note, that when I write, I write to myself, to remind, to remember, to continue to learn, if others can benefit from my writings, amazing, but this is me, writing to myself. Enjoy :)

I have done many different types of travel, family trips, cruises, road trips, trips with friends and most currently long term backpacking.  Long term travel is exponentially different then any travel I've experienced, you learn about the culture, the people and immerse yourself in both, it's incredible. It's a bold move for most people to take, I quit my job that I loved, I left my apartment, my friends, my family, I left everything, for what? 

The instant I left I began analyzing this question.  I knew I didn't start traveling to "find myself", because if you're looking for something, it becomes much harder to find it, your mind becomes closed and focused on that one thing. As previously mentioned I wanted to learn, but learn what? Would it be worth giving up everything?  I had no expectations as to what I was going to learn, because I believe that going into any situation, having no expectations, and an open mind will allow for the most growth and learning.

At first, I didn't know the answer to these questions, but each day, quickly, I learned the answer. 

Simply put: it's for the people, the people I meet, the amazing friends I've made, the memories I've made with them and the things they have taught me. 

You can learn and grow so much from everyone. So during my travels (and beyond) I have and will always prioritize people not places. 

People are what make me happiest. They have helped me grow and learn and I am so grateful to every single one of them. They taught me importance of happiness and the importance of all people. 

We are all here, so let's live together, not apart, not divided, as it is today.  There's only one thing that can cure the divided world, it's us, it's people.

Travel thoughts by Patrick Ryan

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