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International Women's Day : She belonged to no man and no city

International Women's Day : She belonged to no man and no city

Being a female traveler today is experiencing a large amount of harassment and abuse while travelling alone, but also being told that we are to blame, because travelling alone is a risky, frivolous pursuit for women.  This is International Women’s Day and it’s time to #BeBoldForChange.  Traveling as a feminist is becoming a necessity, because women travelers around the world are tired of sexism and micro-agressions. These comes in many forms.

This day is dedicated to all the women who :

  • Had to endure 8 hours flights when the male passenger sitting next to you just brushed your leg for the fourth time in five minutes in a forced conversation you had no desire to participate in and all you wanted was out.
  • Can’t handle men shouting at them to cover up, and following them, and saying things to them, and staring at them like a piece of meat.
  • Put up with creepy sex tourists.
  • Ignored an offensive comment to avoid angering a man or endangering yourself.
  • Really wanted to take that trip alone without the fear of being punished for it.
  • Laughed off an inappropriate come-on at the hostel bar.
  • Faced judgment and criticism from people in their life who thought they should settle down and have children.
  • Swallowed their anger when being belittled, condescended to or completely ignored by the locals.
  • Have been slut-shamed for having sex with a pure stranger in a foreign country.

    International Women’s Day is important because :

    • British Airways staff are no longer able to wear trousers unless part of the long-haul only team.
    • The concept of a lone female rural backpacker is incomprehensible to some.
    • Trip Advisor decided that sexism is an irrelevant travel complaint
    • Many people question how ‘safe’ it is for women to travel alone.
    • A collective of sexist media outlet thinks women are irresistible objects for their pleasure.
    • A woman being detained and and called a sex worker at the Border for carrying condoms is still a thing.
    • The culturally acceptable term for solo male traveler is “adventurer.” No one calls him a “solo male traveler”.
    • Some travel sites still seem hold an idea that all female travelers want luxurious hotel resorts complete with swimming pools, and to pay for travel guides rather than find their own way around with a map.

    We are celebrating women who are building better futures for themselves by changing how travel affects our world. We are honoring women who :

    She was free in her wildness. She was a wanderess, a drop of free water. She belonged to no man and no city. – Roman Payne.



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