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Why choose to live your own way and travel the world

Why choose to live your own way and travel the world
As I grew up in this weird and stressful society, I often asked myself: why do people accept to live this way? I wonder if they even know that there are a million other possibilities in life. We are so used to do the same things over and over and over again… We begin to feel so comfortable in our life that the simple idea of leaving our habits is so freaking scary. But you know what? Just try. Try it once and you will see.
You will see that every step you take leads you somewhere you would have never imagined.  You will realize that every choice you make creates a million of other possibilities and makes you feel powerful. You will meet so many amazing people and they will all teach you something you would have never learnt in your “everyday life”. So please, give it a try. Give yourself the chance to experience this incredible feeling.
This is why I chose to live my own way. Because of that special feeling that has the power to push me in every different aspect of my life. That same feeling I am addicted to and that makes me feel like I can own the whole universe. The memories you create when traveling are those you will think about each day of your life. Every little thing you experiment is deep-rooted forever in your spirit and in your heart. There is no one or nothing in this world that can take it from you. It belongs to you.
I remember exactly the way I felt the first time I decided to leave on my own. I was 18, the world was all new and exciting, my heart felt like it wanted to get out of my chest and my spirit was floating around like it could understand everything. For the first time in my entire life, I felt like I was exactly at the right place at the right time. The rest of my “solo – girl – eurotrip” experience felt the same way until the end. I was proving to myself: “Hey girl, if you can do that, imagine everything else you can do in life!” Sky wasn’t the limit. The whole universe was, and it was on my side. All the little pieces of my trip were magic and so unexpected. Everything I thought it would be, it was a hundred times better. I proved everyone wrong about “traveling alone is so dangerous, especially when you’re a girl, you shouldn’t do it…” Well, I am so glad I made the choice for myself and that I listened to my heart instead of my fears.
Don’t let anybody shut down the flame inside of you. Follow your own path no matter what!

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