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The project is born out of a passionate relationship between travelling and sustainability.

We built it because we strongly believe in the superpower of both to transform the world and its people in a positive way. Together, let's PACK FOR IMPACT.

The Project

After spending years backpacking around the globe, we’ve seen what poverty and hunger look like. We witnessed deforestation. We wandered through streets full of garbage and swam in oceans full of plastic. We saw human rights being baffled in many ways. We can tell you one thing : it’s ugly.

But we also learned the best lessons life can offer, walked through some of the most pristine places on earth, met the most beautiful people and experienced what freedom and adventure are really about. We can tell you one thing : it’s unbelievably amazing!!!

After receiving SO MUCH from all of you beautiful souls met on the road, we decided that it was time for us to give back and pay it forward. We are now fully dedicated to empower you to have a positive impact on the world you’re set to explore. So we built this platform, 100% dedicated to promoting ethical travel products and responsible adventuring. By doing so our hope is that, together with the travel community, we can change what's ugly and turn it into something unbelievably amazing.

Pack for impact

The word PACK means two things :

1. To fill a bag with objects, to be carried on a person's back when traveling.

2. A circle of people with a common purpose that works much like a family.

As for the word IMPACT, it is also defined two ways :

1.Having a strong effect on someone or something.

2.The action of someone coming into contact with another.

Pack for impact is above all an invitation to the travel community to come together to do good for the world, starting with the basics: the packing list. We want to revisit the essentials, what's at the beginning of every adventure: packing up to create a better future.

Our story

Hi! We're J&J, two women with a passion for our world and its people.

So we met in a mandarin tree, fruit picking in Australia, back in 2011.  Since then, we kept traveling each our own way, thousands of kilometers apart, but still managed to develop a friendship built around a vision we shared : a life of freedom, love and adventures.

One day, during a casual conversation, a random idea just burst out of the blue. It went something like this :

-Hey, we’re good at traveling and caring about others, we should start an online platform promoting ethical travel products and blogging about sustainable travel.

-Yep, let’s do it !

And that’s how the Nomad Traveler was born. It just happened. Now it’s driving us to dream big for the world.

That's us, J&J, proud founders of Nomad Traveler and true travelers at heart.


I discovered travel when I was young and I really got a thing for it. Why sitting in my apartment in Montreal when I could be walking down the streets of Rio de Janeiro ? This mindset got me to backpack around South East Asia, Oceania and South America. I love to learn about and experience how different people live, it helps me understand our world and opens my mind in so many ways. This project is my way of taking action for people to see that more compassionate alternatives exist in terms of travel and can be easily accessible. I am also a vegan foodie and I have a true love for raw vegan cakes !!


After roaming around the world full time for 4 years, experiences broaden my horizons in so many ways. I fell in love with life, the world and its people, and became always in search of different ways to make a positive impact upon them. I reached a point where I felt I actually needed to be the change I wanted to see in the world. I went back to school to get an international business degree so I could fuel my passion for social entrepreneurship and community development. This project is my commitment to make the world a better place for all of us.