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Ethical standards

Shop animal friendly travel gear and clothing Animal Friendly vegan Cruelty Free Product is not tested on any animals. No animals have been exploited at any stage of production No Animal By-product Product did not use any animals by product at any stage of production. Product is not made of leather, suede, silk, wool, angora, pashmina, shearling, alpaca, fleece, down, fur trim, etc. More Compassion Product advocates for kindness and love towards every kind, not just man kind Respect of All Beings Product recognize and respect Earth's beautiful systems of balance, between the presence of animals on land, the fish in the sea, the birds in the air and mankind. Celebrate Life By packing animals friendly travel products, you celebrate life in every forms, everyday, as a traveler, encouraging others to do the same along the way. Preserve Water Product helps saving water in day-to-day activities. It also contains no harmful chemicals and synthetic pesticides. No BPA, PVC/phtalates and Triclosan. Product is made out of recycled/recyclable/durable and/or biodegradable materials. Reduce Waste Use Clean Energy Product sourced from a company commited to using green energy sources or sustainable practices. We aslo strongly encourage solar-powered and green energy powered electronics. Use Sustainable Resources Product is made of organic textiles when it applies and/or sustainable material. Make Traveling Greener By packing ecofriendly products, you have a positive impact on the environment as a traveler and contribute to make traveling a more sustainable adventure. Shop socially responsible travel gear and clothing Socially Responsible Meaning : Insure Equality Product is fairtrade and sourced from a company that work together with producers to ensure income is divided fairly and equally. Fight Poverty Buying this product give marginalized producers a chance to break the cycle of poverty by providing them jobs and the opportunity to access global markets. Respect Cultural Identities Product celebrates the cultural diversity of communities around the world. Socially responsible principles aim to create products that both protect cultural heritage and are marketable on a global scale. Protect Safety and Health Product sourced from a compagny that provides safe and healthy work environments, with no child labor, no forced labor, no physical, sexual or verbal harassment and no discrimination. Share Happiness By packing socially responsible products, you have a positive impact on entire communities as a traveler, by empowering people to pursue their dreams and a better future.