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We love to read you and to see your take on our products !

You can contribute to the Nomad Traveler community in many ways :


First of all, subscribe to our newsletter for exclusive content+discounts, and follow us on social media to stay in touch!

Join a growing community of conscious nomad travelers : the community where your opinion matters. Hang out with like minded travelers, share tips, stories, ask questions, get involved !   


- Casual ambassador -

We want to create an active community of travelers who care about the planet, its people and its animals. Help us keeping it alive by being a casual Nomad Traveler ambassador !  


1. Write a review

Let people know your love for our eco-friendly, socially responsible and animal friendly travel products.

2. Submit a blog post

You just did this amazing trip or you just want to share a story because you think that could benefit our community ? Submit your article to to get in touch with us.

3. Share your photo

You have a thing for great photos, whether it's only a travel photo or a photo of one of our beloved product, tag #nomadtraveler_co on Instagram and we might feature you on our page.


- Ambassador / Affiliate program -

When traveling abroad or looking to support your local community, you can become a permanent Nomad Traveler ambassador!


There are 2 types of Nomad Traveler ambassadors : 

1. Instagram/Visual content 

Support socially responsible and ecofriendly initiatives by taking photographs and videos of their facilities, activities, and surrounding landscape and/or share your existing travel images with us! And do so while inspiring the world to use greener, more responsible, more durable travel products on their next adventure.


2. Travel blogging/Content writing

Enhance the mission of impactful people and organizations by sharing their unique stories with the world: write regular blog posts, tell the stories of local individuals and communities that make a difference in the travel world, or recount your social and environmentally friendly travel adventure.

We want to hear your stories!



All ambassadors/affiliate will receive a commission on sales generated by their content and 15% off of each purchase. Long term ambassadors will receive new products for free - when we add them to our catalogue -  and 15% off of each purchase. All ambassadors/affiliate will be featured on Nomad Traveler's website and social media outlets. Features include your picture, title, work description, and links to your personal websites / blogs.



We encourage ambassadors to utilize our network both to promote causes they care about, and discover more responsible ways to travel.

If you are interested to apply, please let us know who you are, where you are, and how you would like to contribute by filling this form.

We would love to hear from you and work together!